Refrigeration plants for storage and freezing

For over 40 years, we have been designing and installing customized refrigeration systems of every kind and size all over the world. Everything is done following the customer’s specific needs regarding the type of product, the processing to be carried out, the most suitable temperature, the required daily quantity, and the temperature outside the plant.

We guarantee maximum performance in any climate zone, in compliance with the strictest international standards on food safety and energy efficiency.

Are you planning to open a plant?

Do you want to enlarge an existing plant?

Is it a completely new plant?

Once you have identified your needs and established the type, size and temperature and humidity conditions of the room, our highly specialized engineers and technicians will set to work with the aim of offering you:

  • high insulation performance
  • low energy consumption
  • high durability
  • compliance with all current international standards
  • compliance with the main international protocols (CE mark, Global Gap)

We install refrigeration plants for:

  • companies of any sector and type: production, distribution, logistics, pharmaceutical, chemical, art, but also laboratories and warehouses.
  • any kind of product: fruits, vegetables, meat, fish, dairy products, cold cuts, frozen foods, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, works of art and all products that need special temperature-controlled conditions to be preserved.
  • any purpose: storage, handling, processing, rapid blast chilling, freezing, storage, leavening, pasteurization, curing, maturation
  • any size and functionality: by using special panels and a wide range of gases and refrigerant fluids, we can create cold rooms with any type of desired shape and temperatures ranging from – 40°C to + 20°C.