Industrial Refrigeration

You can rely on us for any project in the field of industrial refrigeration: from the cold storage room to the cooling of processing rooms and storage warehouses, up to process plants for seasoning or freezing.

At Friostar, we realize integrated projects for all products that need special temperature-controlled conditions to be stored and we provide turnkey solutions for the modern cold chain.

Which product do you need to process?

What temperature does it need to be at?

How much of it do you move every day?

What is the temperature outside?

Starting from your answers and other much more specific data, we design customized, high-performance refrigeration systems suitable for any climatic zone.

Each product has its own specific characteristics and we are committed to treating it with the utmost precision.

We will carefully evaluate the type of plant that best suits your needs, evaluating its size, materials, and power, so that you can better manage your products.

We are an F-GAS certified company with over 40 years of experience in manufacturing refrigeration systems of all kinds and sizes all over the world, in compliance with the strictest international standards in terms of food safety and energy efficiency.

The experience gained in all these years of work grants us the ability to offer solutions specifically designed for you. We want to take the position of sole interlocutor for the entire project, taking full responsibility for the final result.

Working with us means choosing:

  • Over 40 years of experience at your side
  • Perfectly coordinated and functional systems
  • Affordable prices for materials
  • Innovative and high-quality equipment
  • Thorough attention to every single detail
  • Constant assistance


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