Ensuring the correct operation and long life of a refrigeration plant means paying attention to even the smallest detail during both the design and construction phases.

The finishes may seem like a minor detail, but they are the subtleties that truly make the difference.

The perfect joining of the panels, the correct matching of the edges, the sealing of every single profile, both for visible and hidden elements… Friostar takes care of even the smallest detail with extreme precision.

We always use profiles, carpentry and accessories specifically designed and tested for the project:

– the carpentry items follow a computer-aided design process and are then folded on CNC machines and laser cut.

– the stainless-steel parts are developed on computer systems and welded with TIG welding to obtain a perfect component with continuous welding.

– the angled joint profiles are rebated to avoid oxidation at the shear

And these are just some of the tricks we constantly use, and which represent our dedication to this work.

But there is more.

We can also offer you profiles with different configurations, depending on the type of joint required (vertical, horizontal, ceiling and suspension) with finishes that meet the strictest hygiene and health standards (PVC, metal, resin or Kinkler).

We have the expertise to suggest the most appropriate solution according to the intended use of the facilities.