Isolating efficiently means using the available space to its full potential and reducing waste as much as possible.

For this purpose, Friostar uses very thin polyurethane sandwich panels with high thermal insulation. Depending on the degree of insulation required, the thickness of the panels can vary from 40 to 240 mm. with a thickness varying from 40 to 240 mm depending on the degree of insulation required.

Thanks to numerous researches in the chemical field, today it is possible to use both standard polyurethane panels (PUR) and PIR panels, which ensure better reaction and fire resistance performance.

The use of PIR panels allows us to create completely safe, persistent, and long-lasting systems.

Moreover, the adoption of labyrinth joints (with or without eccentric fasteners) allows a dry assembly of the panels for a much faster installation.

But there is more. To ensure the insulating capacity of the construction, we can offer a variety of cladding options according to what is best suited to the environmental conditions of the plant.

This is possible thanks to a wide range of materials available for the finishes:

  • galvanized and pre-painted carbon steel
  • plasticized carbon steel
  • stainless steel
  • fiberglass coated with food-grade gelcoat
  • pre-painted anodized aluminum
  • PET coated sheet metal