About Us

At Friostar, we offer a completely turnkey service. Acting as a single point of contact, we design, supply, and install industrial refrigeration systems and professional hospitality equipment.

More than 130 projects installed worldwide have granted us a considerable technical expertise and in-depth knowledge of local cultures, especially in Africa and Middle East. This is why we know how to adapt to the most varied scenarios: from five-star hotels to remote locations under extreme conditions. Our well-established experience in the international field, our reliability, and our high degree of competence allow us to offer safe and efficient project designs, employing cutting edge tools and materials.

Even when it comes to the most challenging projects, we can find solutions that are simple and respectful of budget and deadlines. Complete customer satisfaction is the priority of our specialized technicians, who strive to always provide you with the best on the market.

Friostar gives private companies the advantage of having only one partner responsible for the entire design process. We collaborate with international organizations as a general contractor and always take full responsibility for the projects entrusted to us.

Each proposal is developed with care, managing each phase of the design with precision: from the preliminary layout, to the executive project, up to the installation and testing. Every aspect of the project is followed with the utmost attention, coordinating with the place of destination and on-site contacts. Through our network of experienced technicians, we guarantee post-installation assistance and maintenance, as well as training for the company staff.

We believe this to be the most effective formula for every player involved in projects that require a clear overall vision, efficiency, and the highest quality of services.

Why choose us:

  • in-depth technical knowledge
  • competence and reliability
  • meticulous cost analysis
  • coordination of every player involved in the construction
  • extreme attention to detail
  • focus on innovation and sustainability
  • pre- and post-sales support
  • complete customization of the project and machinery

How we work

With our help, your requirements are transformed into a concrete and highly technological project. This is achieved by adopting a precise plan, which can be divided into the following phases:

  1. Analysis of the client’s requirements: Meetings with our specialized technicians to identify your individual needs and the space required to carry out the project.
  2. Preliminary project: Outline of a preliminary project and a draft metric calculation, as well as a list of the necessary equipment.
  3. Approval of the project: Review of the costs and deadlines with our technicians and approval of the final designs and equipment.
  4. Executive project: Development of the executive project and identification of the electrical and water connections to install during construction.
  5. Procurement of materials: All the necessary materials are procured, and the execution of the necessary installation arrangements is checked. Any required certifications are obtained.
  6. Installation and testing: Under the direct supervision of a FRIOSTAR technician, our team of local experts installs the equipment and performs the testing. The staff who will use the equipment undergoes training and the proper functioning of the project is checked.
  7. Training and support: The routine maintenance personnel are trained to provide scheduled maintenance to keep the machines running efficiently at all times. Any spare parts are always available.
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