Effective insulation of temperature-controlled rooms requires the installation of insulating doors with high heat-tightness and, if necessary, airtightness.

Be it hinged or sliding doors with manual or automatic opening, all our solutions ensure the highest levels of insulation.

After evaluating the thickness of the door leaf in relation to the type of installation, we suggest the ideal solution and the most suitable finish:

  • zinc-coated sheet metal,
  • plasticized sheet metal,
  • stainless steel sheet
  • fiberglass.

Are you looking to create separate departments that require different solutions for specific needs?

The most modern production units often need to separate departments with dedicated solutions, capable of containing thermal loss while simultaneously facilitating movement from one environment to another.

Friostar also offers solutions specifically designed for these needs. Semi-insulating swinging doors, PVC doors, flexible doors, strip curtains, rapid doors.

If necessary, various accessories are also available:

  • porthole
  • overhead rail hatch
  • panic bar
  • bumper
  • automatic door closer
  • locks