Ice production plants

From water treatment to ice production, from storage to handling to the desired final storage: we build plants for the production of ice in different shapes (blocks, flakes, granular and cubes of multiple sizes).

Thanks to more than 40 years of experience, we are the ideal partner for those working in all the following sectors and areas:

  • fish production and trade
  • chemical processes
  • food processing and manufacturing
  • ice production
  • concrete production

Ice often comes into contact with food products, which is why we pay the utmost attention during the design process to ensure that our ice production facilities comply with all the necessary hygiene and sanitary requirements.

And that is not all. We also pay attention to water and energy consumption. Our plants are designed so that all incoming water is transformed into ice, avoiding unnecessary waste.

The thermal energy obtained from melted ice is then reused in the system through appropriate heat exchangers, ensuring energy efficiency and lower running costs.

We will be your sole interlocutor for the entire project and take full responsibility for the final result.

Choosing us means having:

  • over 40 years of experience at your side
  • affordable prices for materials
  • the most innovative high-quality equipment
  • environmental protection and waste reduction
  • compliance with all international regulations
  • constant assistance