In the daily operation of refrigeration plants and warehouses, shocks and damage are factors that occur with a certain frequency and must be considered in the design phase.

Our long experience gained in over 40 years in contact with operators in the sector allows us to foresee, during the design phase, all the secondary devices and accessories that are strategic in minimizing the unexpected and facilitating the daily work of operators.

Protections at the doors and at every critical point, shockproof poles, guardrails, wall bumpers, are necessary to safeguard the plants and guarantee durability over time.

We also pay close attention to the logistics sector.

Nowadays logistics plays a strategic role for many activities, due to the increase in volumes but above all because of the ever-increasing speed of delivery required.

We are well aware of this at Friostar, which is why we have specific solutions at your disposal.

Examples include loading ramps, which automatically adapt to the loading surface, and cushion dock shelters, which adapt to the profile of the vehicle to prevent heat loss and dust ingress.

Relying on us means having a single interlocutor who manages the project personally and guarantees all the products installed.